Tuesday, April 04, 2006

News about internet porn everywhere

And the net continues its unstoppable march towards madness. After the intial commotion about myspace and its ever present danger to the younger crowds, things seem to have quietly quiet down. Or did they? Today, I spotted briefly some news about some young fellow who spent the vast majority of his teenage years as a webcam-slut, johnny-will-do teen porn star. I have no doubt that somewhere in his soul -yes, somewhere- he might question his long 6 years perverting himself to the pleasure of others -how villains-. Six long years for sure.

He may now have seconds thoughts about what he did, as per his appearances in Larry King tonight (can guarantee you there will be more... and books signed... and films done... and paid interviews), but only after he racketed who knows how big of a fortune considering that on his first gig -when he was only 13- he made 50 bucks just to expose his chest, or something.

Here is the funny thing. You indeed could be manipulated when age 13, passed 14, possibly 15... and if I don't run out of steam... 16? hell no when you are 17 and this guy kept perverting the online world even after he was 18. Risking sounding a bit sarcastic, I can't help but notice that perhaps his career was over?... errr.... as he is *not* underaged anymore he may have lost a good chunk, if not all, of his income stream? And now the books? TV appearances? publicity to combat cp?

I have nothing against adult entertainment and sex -porn if you want- among consenting adults. I am a ferocious reader of sound erotic stories, and my stance has been all along totally against any kind of exploitation, including that of minors at any level. But to portray this person's story as one of abuse while he confesses having made enormous amounts of cocaine, marihuana and slept live with prostitutes committed for money by HIS own father for his shows- is a little bit of a stretch.

Yes, there is a vicious thing going on out there. Something that must be stopped and as we all know myspace is full of porn. But allowing messages like tonight's air in front of millions of unenlightened souls is a huge mistake. He is just not, in my humble view, the best example that others can see as a role model. The truth is just too obvious. He seemed to have done it for too long, for his own greed, for his and his dad's personal pleasure and he charged ahead without any considerations for others, the least his own mother. As he himself put it, it was about drugs, money and a helluva amount of pussy... and dicks. Not in that order.

Question remains if he was asked to come forward by the present, unrelentless move by the gov't to combat their misallocated notion of what porn is, or should be, or shouldn't be... ever and never. Ooops, sorry. They are combating child porn, not porn per se.

As for the young fellow I wish him the best in his life ahead but I surely didn't see any sign of repentance.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Vini, vidi, tagged it

I will soon be writing about the whole new Web 2.0 ordeal, tagging it and following the nofollow crowd. Now, if you excuse me, I have to start preparing myself for the coming battle between the interneteers and those who decided life online was not worth tagging it... or digging it... or bookmarking it. Think which side you belong to, meanwhile.